The fastest PWA e-commerce solution

It’s fast!

Gatsby’s static generation brings best webperfs you could ever dream of

It’s reliable!

Sylius is the new Symfony eCommerce reference

It’s also fast to develop!

Decoupled architecture, React and GraphQL frontend

For small to big shops!

Quick implementation, huge traffic capacity

Initiated by e-commerce experts at Opengento Bethune 2019


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What is Gatsby?

Open-source React-based framework for blazing fast websites and apps
  • Excellent Developer Xperience
  • Infinite scalability (JAMStack)
  • PWA compliant

What is Sylius?

Open Source eCommerce Platform on Symfony with all eCommerce features you need
  • Headless commerce
  • Easily customizable
  • The fastest growing e-commerce platform